Japan – Intro

Last year at around December, I flew to Japan 🛩️ (Tokyo!). As expected, it was Winter. Well, in Tokyo, there is no snow, but it was freezing. Anyways, this is just an intro, but I cannot wait to update you about the whole trip!

Well that’s  all (for now!) Thanks for reading (aka actually taking your time to read this bcos it’s so short)

Day ? – Food

Sorry! I have been very busy with school. Here’s a late Happy CNY and a new (Finally) post!

All the pictures I have for this day is filled with food, so… Let’s start! Firstly, Cameron Highlands. Go search it up: I bet you’ll find it soothing just to see the pictures. This place is extremely popular for its strawberries and tea. (TEA). The strawberries are very sweet, and there was a shop all dedicated to tea. (TEA). Here’s a picture:


Dessert at Cameron Highlands (TEA).

Next: Night time-Happy birthday people!

We had 2 birthdays that day, and of course… CAKE!


Cake! xp

And the “trademark” of this journey, my favorite photo of all…


Anyways, that day was quite fun, and thanks for reading!

Day ? – Swimming!

Okay, as I told you before, I forgot  the order or the days that we went. But anyways, it’s swimming day! Which meant lazy river races, hanging out around the wave pool, and floating in the 8 tube (Or infinity tube. Either or.) So… Noon. We headed to the (I don’t know what) water park, as shown below.


WaterPark with my cousins

I almost drowned for 3 times (Don’t worry, I’m okay.) during the lazy river race (s),  which was awfully fun especially in the 8 or infinity tube.

Okay, who thought that we would swim for 4 hours? But after that? We went to eat, of course! And we looked around, got in a car because why not (Am I right?) as shown below:


And… we went back to our Apartment Hotel. And that’s the end of Day (I don’t know what)

Thanks for reading!