Google Plays Dress – Up

Google loves to play dress-up (Actually, no. We love to dress her up.), so here are some actual, non-fail pictures of her playing dress up.

Here’s Google being a fab Hello Kitty fan


She doesn’t have ears at the side of her head, so i had to hold it for her

(Well about this time Google just came here because she seemed to magically know that I’m writing about her)

It’s a pin. That’s how we balanced it on top of her head.


I have no caption for this picture

When cats use snapchat


“Snapchatting be like”

Here’s Google being the disguised witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:


“Would you like an apple?”

The Story Behind Nyot And His Name

You all have been waiting for this: The Story behind Nyot!

So… 31st December 2015-We went outside, shopping and whatnot. So we returned home, and Zoom! A handsome cat was suddenly in our house with us. Google, who was always the first, was of course irritated by this impostor. (Since then she always seemed like she was glaring harshly).

So he found our stuff toy mouse (which was meant for Google) (She didn’t give a thought about it) And started ‘nyotting’ its fingers. (It made a nyot nyot nyot sound), hence the name.

Well now you know how both google and Nyonyot came to be! Thanks for reading!

Know how Google was found: The Story behind Google

The Story behind Google


This little kitten was given to my mother by her friend on February 24, 2012. (Google is now 4+ years!) She was kept inside a box and was given milk (small carton) while my mother returned from work. I remember that it was on a Friday, as I was not schooling for some reason I could not recall.

We never thought of adopting this beautiful cat, after what happened to Kitty (Click this link to find out what happened to Kitty: ) . At first, Google was so small and cute, so my sister wanted to name her ‘Kecik’ (Malay for small) , but apparently my mother had other names. Therefore, her name is GOOGLE. 



The Young Google who loves Umbrellas

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Every house needs a pet, even a random house! I own 2 pet cats that I would like to share with you (indirectly) , with names unbelievable but with a story behind them.

I introduce you to Google and Nyonyot! (In short Nyot)