Week 1, Day 1 – Review

Today was day 1 of my 7 x 7 contract. Since it was only the first day, of course the effect is not that big (duhh), but when i read the practice card, (Card 9) I found out the best ways to plan your life!

People tend to plan daily, occasionally (or sporadically, as we’ve learnt before heuheuheu) , or not at all. You may as well ask this whole list of unnecessary questions:

  1. Why must we plan our life? (Or days, weeks, months)
  2. What difference does it make to plan daily than to plan weekly?
  3. Why must we identify the ‘Big Rocks’, the pebbles and the sand?

Number 1: We plan these things to be more organized. We must find our priorities, and when we could ‘achieve’ them.

Number 2: What difference does it make? From the 7 Habits book:

Organizing on a weekly basis provides much greater balance and context than daily planning… The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. And this can best be done in the context of the week.


An example of a daily planner

Number 3: Have you ever heard of the big rocks? It looks something like this:


The jar of Big Rocks

  • The Big Rocks are your priorities. The most important things you must do.
  • The smaller pebbles are your other tasks, activities.
  • The sand is all the distraction and waste. All the unnecessary things.

So just imagine putting the sand first. Remember, the sand is the unnecessary things. Then you do all your other tasks, activities and such. Based on the photo (Jar on the right), you will have no space and time for the Big Rocks, which are your most important tasks!

If you do the other way round, (Jar on the left) putting first things first, you could have space and time for everything else. This is why you should identify your Big Rocks (MY CATS ARE “FIGHTING”) , pebbles and sand. So you can schedule and plan your week well, and have time for everything else.

It’s just the first day and I’m getting all these productive feels already! Can’t wait for the next 7 weeks!

Thanks for reading!


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