Day ? – Food

Sorry! I have been very busy with school. Here’s a late Happy CNY and a new (Finally) post!

All the pictures I have for this day is filled with food, so… Let’s start! Firstly, Cameron Highlands. Go search it up: I bet you’ll find it soothing just to see the pictures. This place is extremely popular for its strawberries and tea. (TEA). The strawberries are very sweet, and there was a shop all dedicated to tea. (TEA). Here’s a picture:


Dessert at Cameron Highlands (TEA).

Next: Night time-Happy birthday people!

We had 2 birthdays that day, and of course… CAKE!


Cake! xp

And the “trademark” of this journey, my favorite photo of all…


Anyways, that day was quite fun, and thanks for reading!


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