Day ? – Swimming!

Okay, as I told you before, I forgot  the order or the days that we went. But anyways, it’s swimming day! Which meant lazy river races, hanging out around the wave pool, and floating in the 8 tube (Or infinity tube. Either or.) So… Noon. We headed to the (I don’t know what) water park, as shown below.


WaterPark with my cousins

I almost drowned for 3 times (Don’t worry, I’m okay.) during the lazy river race (s),  which was awfully fun especially in the 8 or infinity tube.

Okay, who thought that we would swim for 4 hours? But after that? We went to eat, of course! And we looked around, got in a car because why not (Am I right?) as shown below:


And… we went back to our Apartment Hotel. And that’s the end of Day (I don’t know what)

Thanks for reading!


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