This may be personal

Sometimes I see people putting their pencils into their pencil boxes and when I look at them, they say “I have OCD. Deal with it”.

No, you’re just neat. Barely as neat as me.

  • Firstly, OCD is a disorder that requires professional treatment. You look absolutely fine to me, no irritations, weird thoughts, all I see you do is talk and laugh. I can’t stand it.
  • Secondly, people who have OCD aren’t proud of it, and they don’t say it. They don’t want it, and they suffer a lot from it. How can you say that you have OCD so very proudly, when people who suffer from OCD are trying to hide it?

But what if I took an OCD test, and I got a ‘probability to have OCD’? I got that, but I doubt it. (I don’t want to have a disorder, okay?) (No offense to people who suffer. I wish good luck to you) I hope that if you are one of those people with fake OCD (Not even neat enough) , please stop your lies. You just like to be clean. And OCD is not even all about being clean! I hope you can change you ways, but continue being clean. To those who ARE suffering, no offense and good luck. You can be happy again. Find a way.

Thank you for reading!


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