What Happened To Kitty?

I used to own a cat, named ‘Kitty’. She was a beautiful black and white cat, who was very sweet. I don’t have any pictures to show you, but here’s what she roughly looks like:blackwhite

She was the sweetest cat I have ever owned. Sadly,

I was very young then. Kitty was in ‘heat’, and she went around the room scratching my siblings’ legs, causing me to cry (I cried a lot back then ) so my father, who was outside, ran inside, grabbed a broom. He threatened the broom at poor Kitty, and she rushed outside and downstairs. She was never seen since that morning.

I find it really depressing every time I think about my memories of the sweet cat. Even up til now, I think of that incident and feel like crying (It was around 7 years ago).


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